The Midnight Tour is a great haunting evening walk-a-bout.

About The Midnight Tour is Savannah’s Very Own DaVinci Code styled paranormal tour! Novelist Dan Brown included Savannah GA in his acclaimed thrilled fiction book for a reason! Come swear the oath, get initiated, get fascinated, and go away illuminated by haunted stories no other ghost tour possesses, is authorized to tell, or would really even dare if they were truly privy! This is the real deal and Savannah’s first and ORIGINAL…The Midnight Tour since 2002! Be part of a unique paranormal group, amongst millions of haunted Savannah trip visitors, who will go away with knowledge few come to grasp, comprehending Savannah as she is meant to be seen, or at least, by those meant to see! So, dear truth-seeker, what is The Midnight Secret Society Tour?Because of the nature of this haunted tour there’s only so much we can describe until you commit to the discipline! We call Savannah, “24 squares of psychic intrigue and wired for sound,” as behind “America’s First Planned City” is masonic engineering at its strangest, the squares being portals just as much as parks! Over time they’ve seasoned Savannah to become paranormal activity scene to very strange human and spiritual events! Through your tour’s Master Storyteller, they’ll acquaint you with first hand accounts of Human Possession, Spirit Photography, Exorcism, Voodoo, Occultism, Vampyres, Remote Viewing, Morgue Tunnels and often accompanied by astonishing & exclusive visual materials! This haunted tour literally has to be experienced to be fully understood! The Midnight Tour rocks!

The Original Midnight Tour Expectations

  • Distance – Expect to walk up to a mile
  • Duration – Bonaventure Tour takes approximately 1.5 hours to complete
  • Photography – is permitted, but please don’t use your flash at night
  • Accessibility – All side walks and parks have handicap access
  • Weather – We hold the Bonaventure Cemetery tours rain or shine so please dress accordingly
  • Cost – Price range from $33 dollars depending on the tour and age
  • Restrooms – No restrooms on this particular tour
  • Alcohol – NOT permitted

Midnight Life

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Tour Sneak Peaks

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